Raise your voice a little higher,
I still can’t hear you.
Even though we’re barely inches apart,
I still can’t touch you.
Even though you’re already so loud,
I still can’t understand you.

In this little room,
we are barely inches apart,
Yet our hearts are on
the opposite sides of the world.
Our hearts are too far away,
That’s why you need to scream,
that’s why you need to shout.
Because my heart can’t hear you,
my heart can’t understand.

When we started,
A mere glance and you understood.
Without words,
we spoke a language only we knew
Even from a distance,
our hearts were close.
Even when we were
on the opposite sides of the world.

But now,
we can’t even speak in hushed whispers.
And you can’t even see
the pain in my eyes,
I can’t even see
Your pain reflected in mine.
And I start to wonder when
our hearts became too far apart.

With every octave higher
your voice rose,
My heart stepped back further
away from you.
With every angry insult you threw at me,
I turned my back inch by inch.
Until suddenly,
You were left here
And my heart traveled
to the opposite side of the world.

Shout, scream,
Raise your voice,
And it would mean,
Our hearts are too far apart to hear.
And by the time you realize
what you’re doing,
By the time you realize,
how much pain you’ve put me through,
I’ll be long gone,
away from you.



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