A Letter to My Unborn Child

I know that this not your concern, but I’m having difficulty deciding on which and what to do.  All I know is, I can’t take it any longer.  Your father and  I are not on speaking terms, and yet here you are soon to come out of my womb.  As my second child from another man, I did hope that my relationship with your father will work out this time.  I am already tired of hoping that your dad will come to his senses.  After giving birth, your grandmother and I have decided to leave you.  I hope you understand that being a teenage mother of two is tough.  I know your Aunt will take good care of you the same as how I’ve treated by her.  My heart tightens. This is so much pain for me.  Abandoning a child is the hardest thing a mother could ever do.  As you grow up, please do not hate me for what I’ve done.  If ever we’ll see each other in the future, I can explain everything.  What happened to both of us,  your parents is not your fault.  It’s just that; we are not meant for each other.  I hope you will grow up strong and healthy.  Love your future foster parents and I’ll get in touch with you often.


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