Golden Heart

Ripped me apart,
And tore my soul,
Broke my heart,
To a million pieces,
You stole.
Clouding my eyes,
With confusion and doubt,
Losing interest in things,
I used to love.
Pulling every thread,
Of patience left;
It’s getting harder to pretend,
That I’m happy,
Tears falling,
Without me knowing,
Hiding the things,
You should’ve noticed.
But you see only you,
And what makes you happy,
Not caring about anything else;
No one, but yourself.
I wish my heart,
Could be filled with anger,
And that I could hold onto it longer,
Not like how I hold it now:
Today here, tomorrow gone.
A golden heart,
Is rare to find,
And you know that,
That’s why,
You won’t let go,
Of mine.