Excuse Me

Whether I smile or frown,
Whether I shout or cry,
It all won’t change
A single thing.
You can give me sympathy,
The same way I can
Give you the same,
But nothing will change
How you and I feel.
I can be happy,
And you can be sad;
You can be happy,
And I can be sad,
We’re not one and the same;
We’re different in many ways.
I want to be happy,
But don’t we all?
We pursue a common goal,
Clamouring to fit,
In one little hole.
Thinking they need it
Much more than me;
Wanting everyone to be happy,
I stood aside and let them all go,
Ahead of me.
And now I’m left alone,
Outside, waiting for my turn,
But it never came,
And will never come,
Unless I say,

Excuse me, everyone.




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