A dark room with one light, that’s you;
A dark blob of oblivion, that’s them
Slowly creeping up, touching you
Draining you of your light;
Claiming it as theirs.
They’ll all want to be near,
Taking your warmth;
Feeding on fear,
They’ll want to be you,
So warm and so bright;
Taking your light,
Away from you.
Slowly dimming,
Slowly fainting,
Slowly disappearing,
Into nothing.
They take your light away,
They take everything you are,
But they can never light up
The same way you did.
They’re too dark,
Too bleak,
Too gone,
Too lost,
To be a light like you are.
But as you fade away,
You’ll be just like them,
A dark blob of nothing,
Feeding on someone else’s light.
Closing the doors,
And the windows too,
Just like they did
When they were like you,
Turning bleak,
Being gone,
Being lost,
Like they are.