I knew, but I hoped I was wrong;
I knew, but I thought you were different;
I knew, but I didn’t listen.
I fell once, I fell twice,
I will fall again;
I can never, and will never
Defy the laws of gravity.
I don’t control my heart,
It’s a heart, not a brain;
How can you expect it to be smart?
It wants what it wants,
And there’s no stopping the heart;
It continues to beat,
And for you, my heart surely did;
I fell for you even though I knew,
At the back of my head,
It all can happen again.
I gave you what little love I had left,
What mattered to me, never mattered to you;
You simply didn’t care.
What you wanted was more,
And I was never enough;
But let me tell you what,
The little crumb I gave,
Was worth more than anyone can give,
Because no one else will be as brave,
To give you the same love I did.
I fell once, I fell twice,
I will fall again;
But I’ll keep standing
And I’ll try again,
Until I find someone
Who is as brave as I am.