I try to never cry in front of any one;
I try not to show any emotion on my face,
I don’t want to make anyone feel guilty;
I don’t want to be a burden to anybody,
But when she cries, she looks directly
With tears in her eyes, letting everybody
Know, she’s hurting inside
And I’ve always found that little gesture,
Brave, how she would cry today,
And tomorrow smile like nothing ever happened
That day.
She smiles with sadness in her eyes;
But she’s not fooling anyone, and that’s why
I want her to be happy, even when that means
She’ll be far from me;
Because every time she cries, I can’t help
But feel guilty of keeping her with me,
Even when she’s no longer happy.
I want to see her smile with sparkles in her eyes,
I want her to fly and experience new things,
But before she can do that, I’ll have to push her at
The edge of a cliff.
And it’ll all be worth it, when I 'nally see her soar;
When I 'nally hear her laugh echoing the skies
She will forever be by my side, no matter how far
She flies.

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