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ProfileWhen I was a young girl, I’d have to do something to divert my attention to anything that would help me cope up with my diversity in life, and that was writing letters to strangers or commonly termed as a pen pal. At that time, I just hid and sat in a corner and wrote or replied to strangers all over the world. And after that, I was totally alright again. Now that I am older, still writing in a creative way is one of my passions.

I just like the feeling of having followers from complete strangers. It feels good when someone reads your writings and liking them is the best achievement because when you write from the heart, is something you could reach a person who feels the same way and understand where one is coming from.

So, Jotting Thoughts Site is all about prose and poetry, and travel and photography.

Marie Roxas



andreaI’ve always known I had trouble with expressing myself, just like everyone else. I was careful with the words I said; I usually just kept them inside my head and smiled instead. But I’ve always looked for a way to soar, a way to feel the wind brush my face –the exhilaration of flying among white clouds; the thrill, the adrenaline, I’ve always yearned and craved for it all. And I only found it in writing letters and words, who would’ve thought?

With every word I write, I find that I can be free; free of all the thoughts that consume me. I found that I can fly and soar the skies with my heart coming alive, that’s why I write –I got addicted to the high.

Writing for me is an ordinary girl suddenly having wings –unfolding it and lifting her feet off the ground; leaving the world behind and LIVING, finally.

Andrea Ferrer



29101064_1698420926884079_9060557922676768768_nWriting more than just a word.  It lets you live a different life. It brings you to a place you haven’t been before. It lets you appreciate little things. Way back when I was in high school, I started writing poems for subject matters and I never thought doing it can bring me happiness and joy. Because for me it was a way to escape boredom. But it turned out that I’m creating a masterpiece out of random ideas.

Writing is my outlet to express my feelings hidden within me. It is a combination of happiness, sadness, and experiences. I would say that pens and papers have always been my friend they allowed me to be myself without hearing any judgments. My writings are the reflection of my personality but most of all my soul. By reading my poems you can see the world I created my own. At first, I hesitated to share this to anyone knowing that no one will appreciate it that’s why I choose to keep it in a notebook but I realized that through writing you can give inspiration to those people who are fighting battles with themselves.

Through my writings I want them to feel free on expressing themselves without any fear.

Roxanne Julie




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