Loving a Flower

A flower without,
The correct amount,
Of sunlight; water and love,
Will soon dry up;
Wilt, and die.
I crave for love;
Something no one can give,
The same amount
I’m willing to pour,
No matter the price,
That comes with it.
I’d never hold you,
I know one touch could kill;
I’d never pick you,
I know you wouldn’t survive for long;
So I keep you where you are,
Right where I found you;
On the ground,
With all the nutrients you need,
And all your roots beneath.
I come to you every day,
And sit beside you,
Protecting you from all prey;
I adore you with my eyes,
Watching you grow and bloom
In beauty;
I beam in pride.
Until you find,
Some other flower,
Who will match your every petal,
And make you bloom,
Into something I couldn’t make you.
My love will always be there,
I will come back to you
Even when you’re no longer there;
I’ll be happy for you,
Knowing that you are too.
I want nothing more,
But for you to choose,
Whatever will make you happy,
Even when I know,
It won’t be me.
I’d be lying if I said,
That I didn’t wish you’d pick me,
That you’ll tell me that I,
Make you happy,
But I don’t want to hurt
Myself anymore;
It’s enough to love you from afar,
Wishing you the best,
Loving you with my all;
Never asking for the same,
Amount of love, I gave.

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