Alleyway Garbage

Words are words we repeat to everyone, everyday;
The same letters over and over again,
But what you tell me behind closed doors;
What you whisper in my ear,
Was supposed to remain in my head,
And be repeated to me,
Over and over again.

Today I saw you by an alleyway,
With another girl tucked under your arm;
Keeping her safely warm,
And I heard you repeat,
All the words you said to me,
Over and over again.

Part of me never believed;
Okay maybe I never even did,
I knew lies came out of your mouth,
The minute you open and say,
The same things,
Over and over again.

I knew and yet I let you say it all anyway;
I went on pretending everything was okay,
Hoping you’d choose me today,
And even the next day;
I wanted to believe,
You’d fall in love with me,
Over and over again.

I wanted to show you,
That someone could love you,
The way they’re supposed to;
I wanted you to believe,
That I could stay loyal to you,
Even when you turn your back away,
Over and over again.

I wanted you to see that I’m still here,
Even when you leave me;
I’ll wait patiently for your return,
For you to look at me,
But I’ll say this only once,
And I need not repeat myself
Over and over again,
I’ll run out of patience;
I’ll run out of love,
And I’ll have no more time to waste,
On a dump like you are.