The Bestest

You know me more than anyone else;
You know all the secrets I keep,
All the things we did,
Together, when we were young
Is what I still hold onto now.

I wish we didn’t grow up so fast,
That we could still hide under tables,
And fantasize;
I wish we could have run away,
From all the bitterness of life,
And kept living inside,
The fairytales we made.

I remember how you held my hand,
While I watched you sleep;
How you insisted that I stay,
Right where you left me,
Because you were that scared
To lose me.

I remember how we’d laugh,
At the most silliest, littlest things;
How we’d skip and hop,
Like, two little kids.
But the world we live in now,
Is far from what we thought;
But with every lesson we learn,
From every mistake we make,
I hope we never forget,
The day we hid under the bed,
Hiding from the same monster,
In both our head.

My enemies were yours
And yours were mine;
We’ll forever be
Each other’s knight.

You were the best part of growing up,
And I may not remember it all,
But my heart always will,
And you’ll forever be my,
Bestest friend.


2 thoughts on “The Bestest

    • Thank you! Writing makes me happy and people relating and understanding that exact same feeling, makes me all the more happy and inspires me to write.


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