What used to be,
A heart full of beats,
And rhythm,
Is now filled with silence

And peace;
A dead heart beat,
A flat line, and I swear,
I could almost hear,
The loud beep.

Silence fills the room,
And everyone could only be
Frozen in time;
Watching me in horror,
Taking their breath,
As I take my last.

Watching me, as
My eyes vacant;
My mouth open,
My face relax;
As my skin goes cold,

As all the life in me,
For whatever it was worth,
Slowly leaves me out cold.

Time slows,
And comes to a halt;
Leaving this place
Finally, after all the
Years Iโ€™ve fought;
Iโ€™ve endured!

I wish you all well,
And although I regret,
I canโ€™t wait for peace,
For quiet;
I canโ€™t wait,
For nothing.


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