Become Happy

Become happy,
Not for me, but for you;
Become happy,
Genuinely and true;
Smile, laugh;
Become happy,
Just for you.

It comes and goes, I know;
You can be high, you can be low,
But don’t you ever let go,
Don’t you ever give up,
Because I never did;
I never stopped trying,
I never stopped pushing
You, to become happy.

I want to see you,
Become happy;
As to why, you always ask
It’s because if you are,
Then I can become happy too;
I’ll be happy for you,
I’ll gain plenty too;

That’s how I love you.
I can finally let you go;
Let you be free,
Let you be you,
Let you become happy,
With someone who’s not me.

But I will always watch you from afar;
Watching you glow and radiate,
With happiness I didn’t create;
I’ll watch you smile, laugh and fly,
And I’ll be so happy that I pushed you,
I’ll be so happy that I tried,
Because you became happy,
And that’s all I ever want.

I will regret nothing;
Because I get to be one of the reasons,
For your smiles, your laughs and your glow;
I get to be one of the reasons,
Why you got through,
Why you became strong,
Why you became happy.

I will be so proud,
That I was your strength,
When you were weak;
That I was there,
When no one else wasn’t.

I will be so proud,
Watching you soar the skies;
Spreading your wings,
Reaching greater heights,
Leaving me on the ground.

It will be time to move on,
And become happy myself;
But I will love you still,
And forever look up,
Looking for your wings.


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