Au Revoir!

An intake of breath,
After being under water;
I feel lighter,
A weight off my shoulders.
Finally drifting off,
To another destination,
To a new journey;
An exploration of vast seas,
That all of a sudden,
Surround me.
Endless possibilities,
Hit me like waves;
Door after door,
Of chances I missed;
A life that suddenly comes alive,
After all the years.
I don’t dare look back,
And turn my head;
Afraid to swim,
Right back again;
Starting from the start,
And ending right there.
I keep looking beyond,
The horizon of blue;
Taking a boat with no anchors,
To keep it afloat;
No ropes to tie,
Me right on the dock;
Carrying with me,
Dreams that I’ll soon turn,
Into reality.


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