fz“You’re late!”

“No, I am not! You haven’t adjusted your wrist watch yet from standard to daylight saving time!”

“Ah yeah, you’re right. Thank you for reminding me. I almost forgot, I am not yet used to this kind of setup.”

“Bes, admit it, signs of aging you know ha ha ha..”

“Shhhh stop it! Don’t remind me of my age. At least I don’t look like one?”

“Wait, my phone is ringing.”

“Hurry, we can still catch the last full show.”

“Hey, why do I have to watch a movie that it does not fit my interests?”

“Simple, because you love me and that’s what friends are for.”

“..and why do I have this feeling that even if I’m overloaded I still find time to be with you and cancel all my appointment?”

“Look, we’re friends for decades now and thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You’re the best among the best, bes!

Damn! Can’t you get it! I love you more than just a friend! I want to stay out of the friend zoned!

“Ahh welcome and anything for you, bes..


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