domanMy main daily routine is to guard; that is the reason why my pack leader acquired me.  I don’t bark at all times, only when I see suspicious living creature.  When it comes to loyalty, I am the only animal that can provide you that.  I eat beef, I mean beef flavor, but it’s alright with me as long I am with my pack and not abandoned in any way.  How can I survive without human beside me? How I wish to become a human and live a life I wanted to.  While walking with my master, I saw a poop, different from my poop.  Mine is sort of darker in color and hard. This one is different, soft and smelly.  To satisfy my curiosity, I’ve tasted it. Upon swallowing, my whole body starts to convulse.  My fur was slowly dropping until it vanished.  OMG, all I can remember is I used to be a four-legged, but now I see– feet and hands, where, where are my canine teeth? I’m beginning to look like my master and yes, I am indeed becoming a human. Artemis answered my wish,  but living in a different world is tough, I am not sure what and which path to take..