Divided Heart

Candles all around. A bunch of flowers that are beautifully assembled. A sunny day just for people reminiscing the past. The family gathers together for a particular visiting for their deceased loved ones. It was that day when Emilio Distrongkar asked for a sign!

Emilio Distrongkar is a young and diligent man who can’t see the world. Despite his impairment, he goes to school to obtain a degree. That was his routine every day until Emilia; his wife showed up after three years in the grave.
Emilio started to move on and finally have a woman of his dreams. He is about to marry this girl named, Constantina when his first love showed up outside the school. Two ladies, fighting for their love, one man who is bewildered by the unexpected situation. He can’t concentrate on his studies, and he had no choice but to stop his studies.A Heart Divided

Emilia and Constantina have both have the qualities that Emilio desires. A woman with soul. A spirit that penetrated and captured a man’s heart. His feelings for his wife retained, and still legally married. But Constantina is about to bear a child..


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