Unlove You

I was only waiting for a reason to stop,
Loving you the way I do;
Just a little mistake,
To convince myself to unlove you.

To me you were so perfect,
You were everything,
But I still looked and waited,
For you to be real,
And here we are finally;
You’ve shown yourself truly,
And I find that even though you’ve just told me,
Something that should’ve made me mad,
Hurt and in pain,
I find that I still love you all the same.

I knew men aren’t to be trusted;
I knew men are all the same,
And yet I still loved you anyway,
Even though I knew I’d end up having,
A bullet to my brain;
And yet I still don’t care,
Oh what a fool I am!

If men are stupid;
Women are idiots,
Who fall for the same trick,
Over and over again.


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