Breath of Accelarator

download“Since you cannot do good to all, you are to pay special attention to those who, by the accidents of time, or place, or circumstances, are brought into closer connection with you.” – Saint Augustine –

Every child should have the right to enjoy their childhood. Play with others, sleep as much as they could, guided by their parents, send to the best schools, have toys to play with and so on. But, mine is all the opposite.

When I was in my elementary grade, we always travel to buy merchandise for my adopted parent’s business. There are circumstances that we sleep in a truck every time there was slide on the road due to heavy rain. The cold weather is a punisher for our sleep, and I just watch the sky hoping to see stars and have my wish.  We were all trained to work at an early age, and almost living on a road. We brought portable gas stove just in case we encountered slides we have something to use for our food until the path is cleared.

I remember Mom drives the jeep and Dad drives the truck. If I were to describe our family, we are the family of cowboys, always on the go. I’m glad I was trained that way because all my previous works I did receive compliments coming from my employers.

Upon traveling, of course, a child is always curious about something that he/she is seeing. While my Dad was driving the vehicle, I was beside him. At my age, now I know what clutch, brake, and accelerator are for a manual car. I always see my Dad stepped on the third one in-between us, “the accelerator.”  Other members of the family and helpers were sleeping. I was the only one awake and of course the driver, my dad. “What did you do!”  Everybody was surprised as if something creepy happened. Well I just, stepped-on the “the accelerator” to help my Dad while we were in the descending mode. I might be a big help, just a thought..


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