Face to Face with “The Brat”

spoiled-bratIt is sometimes easier to head an institute for the study of child guidance than it is to turn one brat into a decent human being.” – Joseph Wood Krutch

I have to admit; I am not fond of kids. I prefer taking good care of dogs because they are adorable and loyal. In my entire life, it’s the first time I have encountered a discreet brat. Discreet in a way that, he chooses when and where to show his color. An idiom, “what you see is what you get,” does not apply. What you see on the screen, it varies when it produces its hard copy. Here are the results of my printed copies:

1. Rude
In the Philippines, the majority of the children are being taught to respect elders no matter what. There’s no excuse for rudeness especially when your rule is just to be the guardian and to report everything that you see and observed. I would rather be the villain if that’s the only way but, what if the behavior is too much to handle?

2. Manipulative
A kid is manipulative when he lies, change a story into fiction just to get what he wants and to escape from things he does not want to happen. Makes his face pitiful and ruins others back. In short, he will play the victim.

3. Bully
A bully kid does not say sorry. He is aggressive and impulsive in what he does. He loves doing wrong things and just laughs after doing it. He can’t entirely apply his being aggressive to me but, he does it ย for his age group. He wants to be the center of attraction and if not, he tantrums. He has this suppressed personality that he can’t show in front of his parents.

4. ย Complains of being bored
Goes home late and make his alibis when in fact there’s a lot to do like cleaning a messy room.

5. He never helps out
Carry all you can, who cares! I am the boss!

What if you encountered a brat today and found out that the parents are a brat as well, what would you do?

Sequel 1: ย Split Personality

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