Crossing Cambodia From Vietnam

We traveled a total of 14 hours from Pham Ngu Lao, Saigon to Siem Reap, Cambodia through Mekong Express.  It was a long journey, a bumpy but fun adventure.  Inside the bus, we were the only Asians.  At exactly 0730 military time, we left Saigon, and our day one starts here.

There was much nothing to see until we arrived the Vietnam-Cambodia Border. We stopped for immigration purposes, immigration officers were unsmiling and sedated but better than those immigration officers in Manila, Philippines.  This was my first border crossing experience which was more educational than riding in a plane which took us a total of 5 hours from Saigon.


After passport stamping and everything, we transferred bus from Phnom Penh, going to Siem Reap. The trip is about 6 to 7 hours, and we were entertained well by the female bus attendant who is friendly and ready to accommodate all her passenger’s inquiries.

When it comes to long journey by land, the good thing is, you see good sceneries along your way, and if you are an observant person, you can’t avoid comparing even the simplest things that you see while the bus is moving.

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We arrived Siem Reap at 21:00, I immediately saw our driver with a banner in his hand.  He helped us with our baggage and drove us directly to our hotel and informed us to pick us tomorrow at 0900 to give us enough time to rest and be ready for our hectic schedules for the following days.

Alright, so after checking-in on our chosen hotel. We just left our pieces of luggage and immediately went out to the night market.

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We went out for just an hour since the night market is closing at 2200.

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