Siem Reap: Angkor Thom Complex

After a long and exhausting land trip from Saigon to Cambodia, here’s the highlight of our journey.

We visited the said old town of King Jayavarman VII, known to be the most dominant and recognized king in the late 12th century.

Angkor Thom

The south gate and bridge going to Angkor Thom is the most eye-catching area to take photos.  It is surrounded by man-made river and relic trees.  Sitting just outside the gate and stirring those amazing structures makes you think as if you are part of the history.  Very impressive!

Too bad we arrived late, too hard to take a clean shot due to heavy vehicles and tuk-tuk going in. As we go nearer, there are statues on both sides.  The left side is called “the gate of the god”, while on the other side is “the gate of the demons”.


The gate of the gods (54 figures of devas)


The gate of the  demons (54 figures of asuras)


The south gate tower has four magnificent curved faces on different directions or commonly called as “face towers”.


After passing through the south gate tower or face towers, here comes the Bayon Temple with crowded tourists in and out.



Next to Bayon is the Baphoun Temple, just a short walk,  but need a lot of energy to climb hundreds of steps just to be on top.



I must say, it was indeed a physical challenge to ourselves in our 40’s and we survived.


Prepare your camera for panoramic views like this..


The most difficult are actually, the going down part.  If you have acrophobia, either you face it or back out.  Some of the tourists went down backward to avoid the breathtaking heights.

Angkor wat is strikingly historic.  There are no other words to describe it, just go and visit to see for yourself.

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  1. I would LOVE to get there someday!! Thanks for sharing all these photos and your story. This would be a VERY BIG trip for us coming from Texas, USA, but we want to do it before it becomes too difficult. We aren’t that old YET!

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