Lost and Found

Found him crying, his mother was nowhere in sight. I am more of dogs, this is my first time to babysit a kitten. What to do, is he going to survive? His Mom’s navel is still attached!


A Letter To My Dog

 my four legged friend
who’s wired and wild to see me
than anyone else

Dear Madie,

I remember the first day when I went to the pet shop to look for a comrade. You were in the middle together with your two brothers. You were the only one who didn’t bark at all that’s why I have chosen you. You are expensive that almost emptied my pocket but, I know from the start that you are a good dog.

You were three months old then when I got you. Too confused and nervous. The moment we arrived at the house, you immediately urinated yourself. It is indeed a sign of anxiousness. You stayed in one corner that I have to call you to tell you that “everything will be alright and that you can rely on me from now on.” After getting used to your environment, you begun to destroy a lot of slippers and even your bed and comforters. But, don’t worry, I wasn’t mad at you because I realized, attention and a lot of exercises is the only one you need to stop you from destroying things.



You and I are travel buddies; you never gave me a headache every time we go out together. Well, you are a bit playful and reaching out to every dog that we are passing through, but I understand.

Now look at you, you are now six years old. You may have different personality compared to other dogs because you only bark when you see dogs but not with humans. Still, I want to thank you for being such a beautiful dog and companion when most of the times it’s just me and my shadow.

How I wish, I can walk you unleash without barking to dogs that we see while walking. I know, you are looking for playmates, wait until we get our place. I will get you a partner in life and live bounteously.

Happy birthday, I hope you will live longer, away from sickness. Four more years is acceptable but of course more joyful if longer than I expected.

Taiwan: An Old Crate of Memories

One of the things you learn when you go overseas is how much a lot of the countries overseas really just like to enjoy life.

– Chris Paul –

I accompanied my friend to apply for Taiwan and unexpected things happen.

A set of tests were given to applicants and the examiner accidentally gave me a set of questionnaires and I took and answered it for fun. After 2 hours, one of the employees from the Manpower Agency announced those applicants who made it and upon my surprise, I was on the top 3, and my friend didn’t make it on her first try. I didn’t expect it that would happen that fast, after three weeks I flew to Taiwan. I even quit my job and school. This was my first travel abroad.

It was May 5, 2000, when I left my country to become an Overseas Filipino Worker. I was assigned to a manual machine to produce chips. From white collar job to blue collar job but no regrets because it was 7x more bigger than my salary in my home country. The only problem is, this job is risky. Every day I inhaled solvent, the company see to it that we were in good condition all the time so we had medical check-ups every six months.

After a year, I was assigned as a line leader and dormitory supervisor. So much pressure that I even quit my job and had a breach contract. I went home in May 2002. At that time, the company, I mean most of the companies in Taiwan were in crisis, so it was just a perfect timing for me to go back home.

In my two years in Taiwan, many memories were created. A set of new friends and friends up to this pointing time. I believe that when you live under the same roof, a more genuinely camaraderie will developed. And I agree because I can confess to them anything under the sun than with my old friends. Friendship is not how long you’ve been together but it’s how you value someone else genuinely. Through fights and being sulky at one another is just a test if you accept not only their good sides but also their weaknesses. I experienced all that, and proud to say we still remain friends.


leefo village

Leefo Village Theme Park, Hsinchu


nantou park

Nantou, Taiwan



Prosperity Dielectrics Company, Nantou






Prosperity Dielectrics Company, Nantou






Chrismas Party, Nantou



Chiang Kai-Shek, Taipei


taipei 2.jpeg

Daan Park, Taipei















One Step, For hope: Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty

“Everyday we walk for a purpose. To reach our dreams, to travel, To discover new things.”

May 6, 2018, I took one step for a different purpose hand and hand with unity and faith my footprints left to hope for the people of Africa

Every step is for a better tomorrow.
A walk to help someone stand.
A small sacrifice for something big.
The sweat that can bring a smile to those who suffers.
We walked and continued until the very end for we can see the light in the dark.

This event creates the opportunity to help those people who are experiencing poverty. Our walk is our way of telling them that we will fight the battle with them. We are just one of the instrument to make this happened, and I’m glad that I’m a part of it.

Every step means something may it be for ourselves or for someone what’s essential is that we take one step to achieve a goal.

This walk tells a story that will never be forgotten through the years.

My Reflections in Two Years of Blogging

It’s been two years since I started blogging. When I took Bachelor of Arts in English Literature as one of my degrees, at first, it was not my passion to write poems until my Engl 21 (Creative Writing). Of all the subjects under my curriculum, Creative Writing was one of my favorites aside from Psychology of course.  I may not have the perfect grammar but, during presentations, my work was sometimes featured in the class.  Blogging was one of our requirements back then for posting prose and poetry and be graded according to its designs and contents. I have used Blogspot for grading purposes and WordPress for personal thoughts.

So, what do I get from blogging?

  1.  Rewarding. After publishing, I am excited how many likes do I get.  Getting likers from strangers are more important to me than getting from friends or family.
  2. Stress Reliever. Sometimes, I feel better when I write than having someone with me hearing my worriment.
  3. Fun.  Enhancing my writing skills for me is entertaining plus a bonus if it’s earning already.
  4. Creativity.  Most of my writings are fiction.  I am glad this blog is not known to most of my friends and family because if they do, they might ask me most of the times if I’m alright.
  5. Storage.  Aside from sharing your thoughts, it is also best for compilation.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you all for our followers who supported this blog and taking time to read and comment.  I have stopped writing for months, but today, daily blogging will be published at 0900 est.