A Whole Day Affair in Camp John Hay

After five long years in college, who could have thought she would make it, from graduation to the board exam. Of course, I am a proud ate! As a result, we ended up eating the whole day and roamed around the city where we don’t normally do.

An early lunch at Hi Mile Diner, Camp John Hay

If we managed to satisfy our hunger, so with the eyes.

Why do you always have room for dessert?

Can’t resist, the powder room was awesome!

How to end up your day? Another set of a meal!

Congratulations sister for passing the licensing exam for teachers, secondary level. You are now a teacher!


2017 Travel Bucket List:12 Locations to Visit

1.Basco, Batanes


2. Coron, Palawan

coron palawan.jpg

3. El Nido, Palawan

el nido.jpg

4. Penablanca, Tuguegarao

callao cave.jpg

5. Saigon, Vietnam


6. Siem Reap, Cambodia

siem reap 2.jpg

7. Chiang Mai, Thailand


8. Bali, Indonesia


9. Maligcong Terraces (Mt. Fato and Mt. Kupapey) (articles soon)

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10. Laos


11. Vigan, Ilocos Sur


12. Boracay, Aklan


Photo credit goes to google images

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