Be Strong, Be Proud, Be You!


I told myself, I won’t shed tears any longer
I told myself, I’ll remain firm and mighty
I told myself, I’ll trust no one but, myself
I told myself, I’ll cherish those people who nourish me
I told myself, I’ll continue doing what I believe in
I told myself: halt and watch!

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Over and Over Again

Over and over again
     you make the same mistakes
 Over and over again
     you don't learn from it
 Over and over again
     you always ask for help
 Over and over again
     I can't resist you
 Over and over again
     you are nothing but a user
     glad I'm finally awake
 Over and over again
     your time is over..

This is The Day

this is
This is the day when I am at my lowest
This is the day when I am feeling so alone
This is the day when I could not care less
This is the day when my spirit starts to diminish
This is the day I wanted to disappear completely because..
This is the day I am notified,  I am indeed an alienated creäture
This is the day I seek my lineage  and
This is the day beyond doubt..