He is everywhere,
In the tall trees around us,
In the dirt beneath,
In every vein of a leaf,
He is making us happy.


Wheel of Life

I will sway towards you
I am willing to gamble
if that’s the only way.

What are you up to?
I know life is tough to handle
I will sway towards you.

What you’ve been through
you and I will handle
if that’s the only way.

Sometimes, I surrender too
but, I must fight the battle
if that’s the only way.

If I’m going to lie low
I’m afraid you will struggle
I will sway towards you.

I won’t let you go
I will climb the highest hill
I will sway towards you
if that’s the only way..

Wedding Day

wedding day

When your heart is filled with love and joy, life
is so perfect. Today is special.
Two hearts blended as one, about
to start a new phase of our
life. Friends and family
are here today to
be part of this
event. We,
thank you.
words can
describe our
feelings for the
support, acceptance,
and undying guidance.
On this special day, as we
celebrate our first day as a
married couple,weโ€™re open to change.
Thereโ€™s nothing much to say, again thank you.

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Sequel 3: ย New Phase