Offered and Accepted

“Don’t cut up your credit cards, the problem is not the cards, it’s the lack of financial literacy of the person holding the cards and always make the best out of a bad situation.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Two weeks ago, I was offered by an agent a BPI Gold visa card. I filled up the application form and put my sister as my supplementary. After few hours, the agent called and offered me again an RCBC Bankard gold visa card which is lifetime waivable. I told him, I don’t like RCBC, and he said he will just try to submit an application for me without even signing or anything. After 2 days a representative from RCBC called and asked me about my other cards and their credit limits. I just answered everything they have asked. After a week I got an e-mail telling me this:

Dear Mr./Ms. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,

Thank you for choosing to be an RCBC Bankard cardholder! Now you can enjoy the most rewarding credit card experience that will definitely make your life better.
Your new RCBC Bankard with ending number 3004 will be delivered to you within ten (10) days. If possible, and for your own security, it would be best if you could receive the card personally. However, if this is simply not possible, please have an authorized representative receive the card on your behalf.
For any inquiries or clarifications, please call 888-1-888.

Thank you.

Two days after an email, I got the card, and it’s not gold but a platinum card, my 7th active card.  This is not my 1st platinum card ever.  I had HSBC platinum card before which I canceled because I was just paying P5,000 annually without using it.  By that time I’m more into cash.  They even lowered my credit limit due to inactivity.  Anyways, this time I won’t let it go my platinum card.  I’m happy with this card, I’m glad the agent is persistent and able to convinced me to submit my application.

You can check their Exclusive Privileges here

This does not end here, upon opening my parcel from RCBC, I got a phone call from BPI informing me that I am qualified for another card.  This time, I am not sure if I need an additional card, the credit limit of all my cards is enough for me.  Besides, I’m planning to cancel my one BDO gold and two CITI cards since it’s a shared limit.

By the way, the color of the card is black, the quality of my laptop camera produces different color or maybe the effect of lightning.

Thank you, until next time 🙂



Six long years of trading
You are giving me stress
And at the same time addiction
In the end, bucks to spend.

Six long years of trading
I have learned a lot
The buy and sell
Or the long and short.

Six long years of trading
Sometimes I win
Sometimes I lose
But, no reason to give up.

Six long years of trading
I will stay by your side
Until I can no longer
handle see your candlesticks.

Sequel 1:     Too Much to Handle

Ode Poetry 1:     Ode to The Internet

The Trophy Goes To My Superego

social-network-businessIf you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.” – Robert Kiyosaki

A close friend of mine told me about this networking business that she and her boyfriend are into it. At first, I was hesitant because, before joining you have to pay for the membership and the kit. But, eventually, I managed to register and finally got the package that the company is offering in exchange for the membership fee.

Networking is a marketing strategy.  It is quite powerful to introduce products directly to the consumers.  You don’t need to advertise it, just simply via word of mouth.  Up to now, networking is still very much active.

Joining a networking business is not that tough as long as you have the ability to speak, some sense of humor to convince people, that is a good start. Every time I go to the office; I am more and more motivated because I witnessed how much money my superiors are receiving on a weekly basis, that you can’t earn even if you work for one year being an ordinary employee. As long as you continue recruiting, you will continuously make money. I handled seminars; I have convinced people to join us, and I can say, I’m doing great! I start receiving money weekly, and I travel a lot to speak in front of individuals.

Many people get rich quick through networking. They got good cars, good houses, travel a lot and so on. But why I didn’t continue this kind of business? Networking business is like first in, first out. Strike while the iron is hot! When the market is hot and lucrative, networkers transfer and build their downlines, what happens to the people just recently entered? That was my concern. I can’t just move to another networking company leaving my new recruits empty handed and behind. I returned their membership fees and just decided to QUIT. Besides, “personal relationships are always the key to good business. You can buy networking; you can’t buy friendship.” – Lindsay Fox