Starved to Death

I got visitors
pigging out and enjoying
empty fridge later


Flat Chested

fashion braWhy do I keep forgetting things? Where is it!  You’re giving me migraines. Well, this is the world’s smallest size ever, but you don’t have to adjust who you are just to please others.

Yes, you are right the only huge in there were those raisins on top of my ribs.  Silence! I’m maybe flat but absolutely hot!

Upon looking for an old stuff.  I saw this photo and a short monologue that we presented in our Creative Writing class.  How about you?  Do you miss the old good days?

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
– Theodor Seuss Geisel –

Ten Things to Do

if I have the power to be invisible..

  • Travel the whole word for free
  • My way of revenge is to frighten people who hurt me the most by acting as a ghost
  • Spy on the government who are the corrupt to form a partnership ha ha ha
  • I would follow Donald Trump and learn free from him
  • Sleep in Buckingham Palace and enjoy their lifestyle
  • Get to know those people who are real and fake
  • Listen to people what they say about me
  • Make fun of my family and friends
  • Rob the bank ha ha ha
  • I will just enjoy being invisible