Siem Reap: Angkor Wat

After Angkor Wat Complex and Ta ProhmTa Prohm, Angkor Wat was our last activity throughout the day.  This temple is the biggest of all the three temples in Siem Reap.   The way alone going to the temple is exhausting or maybe we were really tired that day since it was our last activity before going back to the hotel.  Visiting this huge temple and UNESCO World Heritage Site is overwhelming and exciting, I can’t  find any other words to describe these temples.  All I can say is, during our 3-day trip, it was all memorable.


Walking towards you
Mesmerized by your beauty
Let me be with you.


A sacred journey
Keep on traveling while young
memories are prized.


Happiness is a choice – why are you not picking it?


All that matters to me – experience is the best learning.



Staying together – getting to know you.


Could not ask for more – thanks to him.


Look at the sky – it’s an ocean of possibilities.


My home is calling
This journey does not end here
I’ll keep on roving.



Siem Reap: Angkor Thom Complex

After a long and exhausting land trip from Saigon to Cambodia, here’s the highlight of our journey.

We visited the said old town of King Jayavarman VII, known to be the most dominant and recognized king in the late 12th century.

Angkor Thom

The south gate and bridge going to Angkor Thom is the most eye-catching area to take photos.  It is surrounded by man-made river and relic trees.  Sitting just outside the gate and stirring those amazing structures makes you think as if you are part of the history.  Very impressive!

Too bad we arrived late, too hard to take a clean shot due to heavy vehicles and tuk-tuk going in. As we go nearer, there are statues on both sides.  The left side is called “the gate of the god”, while on the other side is “the gate of the demons”.


The gate of the gods (54 figures of devas)


The gate of the  demons (54 figures of asuras)


The south gate tower has four magnificent curved faces on different directions or commonly called as “face towers”.


After passing through the south gate tower or face towers, here comes the Bayon Temple with crowded tourists in and out.



Next to Bayon is the Baphoun Temple, just a short walk,  but need a lot of energy to climb hundreds of steps just to be on top.



I must say, it was indeed a physical challenge to ourselves in our 40’s and we survived.


Prepare your camera for panoramic views like this..


The most difficult are actually, the going down part.  If you have acrophobia, either you face it or back out.  Some of the tourists went down backward to avoid the breathtaking heights.

Angkor wat is strikingly historic.  There are no other words to describe it, just go and visit to see for yourself.

2017 Travel Bucket List:12 Locations to Visit

Part 1: Crossing Cambodia From Vietnam

A Day in Saigon

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confucius –

Travelling is something that people should make room in their lineup.  Aside from acquiring something from your experience and building an attachment bond with your family or friends, just the satisfaction alone and memories can’t be replaced by any material things.  Happiness is action and action is a form of tenacity to fulfill things that will make us happy through touring.

My 2017 Travel Bucket List is to travel to 12 different places, not necessarily 12 countries but at least 12 corners of the world.  So here’s my first that I have visited for this year.  What a lovely country to create a moment!


Saigon was renamed to  Ho Chi Minh City in 1976, the largest city in Vietnam.  Since we arrived late at night, I didn’t appreciate the city that much.  We spend our two nights in La Felix Hotel, a hotel that is adjacent to the famous Ben Thanh Market.



Breakfast complimentary at the 9th floor of the hotel with a wide selection to choose from. From vegetable salad, egg, bread, noodles and fruits.

5 Things To Do in Saigon

1.  Handicapped Handicrafts


Lacquer painting is a recognized art of Vietnam.  While visiting the factory, I was amazed how the painter hairsplitting a duck shells as the primary material in producing a special paint. After hard work, the output is all worth it.

2. Cu Chi Tunnels


Cu Chi tunnel is about 70 km from Saigon.  It was a strong base and military camp of Vietnamese during the war.  Crawling in the actual tunnel was exhausting.  You need a lot of energy to surpass all the tunnel from 100 to 500 meters.  Aside from the tunnel, you will also see an exhibit of different weapons they have used during the war like traps, tanks, and bomb craters.

3. Saigon Port


If you love eating, Vietnamese food is something to try on.  After a whole day of walking under the sun, a private dinner cruise while viewing the scenery, it was a happy tummy after all.

4.  War Remnants Museum


If you want to know more about Vietnam and its people, it’s worth a visit.  There are a lot of things to see inside like memorabilia’s, old weapons, history, articles, and exhibits.  I was touched how the tortured happened and the sacrificed that was made.  This is the crucial part where tourists must be aware of.

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5.  City Highlights

This city is not as huge and commercialized compared to some other Asian countries but how the buildings were built, very impressive.

Saigon Central Post Office.  It is still a post office up to now but,  it filled up with a lot of tourists and establishments.  You can’t clearly see the post office itself.  As you enter the building, Ho Chi Minh’s portrait is visible.  There is still the best part here, enjoy the colonial style architecture and its archaic phone booth.


 Across the central post office is the Notre Dame Cathedral, constructed by the French colonists.  This is a great photo break so why not grab the chance!

Pham Ngu Lao Street is a backpacker’s spot in Saigon opposite to the park.  You can see a lot of tourists from different countries in this place.  A charming, busy street with a lot of restaurants, tours and travels, bus terminals, accommodations, information area and an excessive volume of motorcycles.  Just watching loads of activities in the park alone, you will never get spiritless.

Since we spent 2 nights and a day, we missed going to Behn Thanh market, where there are extensive selections of souvenirs to choose from.  Anyways, there is always a round two, as Mary Oliver says, “and now you’ll be telling stories of my coming back and they won’t be false, and they won’t be true but they’ll real.”

FOR SALE: imported handicrafts

Most Awaited

Five years ago, I met you
and now, I am about to utter “I do”
Before I walk down the aisle
Let us sit for a while
Enjoy our moment to
live in the past too
This day is one of the few
and will always be worthwhile
A woman’s every dream to
tie the knot with someone like you
Even if I walk a mile
I will still smile
because it will happen, I knew

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Sequel 3:   New Phase

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I just like the feeling of having followers from complete strangers. It feels good when someone reads your writings and liking them is the best achievement because when you write from the heart, is something you could reach a person who feels the same way and understand where one is coming from.

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andreaI’ve always known I had trouble with expressing myself, just like everyone else. I was careful with the words I said; I usually just kept them inside my head and smiled instead. But I’ve always looked for a way to soar, a way to feel the wind brush my face –the exhilaration of flying among white clouds; the thrill, the adrenaline, I’ve always yearned and craved for it all. And I only found it in writing letters and words, who would’ve thought?

With every word I write, I find that I can be free; free of all the thoughts that consume me. I found that I can fly and soar the skies with my heart coming alive, that’s why I write –I got addicted to the high.

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29101064_1698420926884079_9060557922676768768_nWriting more than just a word.  It lets you live a different life. It brings you to a place you haven’t been before. It lets you appreciate little things. Way back when I was in high school, I started writing poems for subject matters and I never thought doing it can bring me happiness and joy. Because for me it was a way to escape boredom. But it turned out that I’m creating a masterpiece out of random ideas.

Writing is my outlet to express my feelings hidden within me. It is a combination of happiness, sadness, and experiences. I would say that pens and papers have always been my friend they allowed me to be myself without hearing any judgments. My writings are the reflection of my personality but most of all my soul. By reading my poems you can see the world I created my own. At first, I hesitated to share this to anyone knowing that no one will appreciate it that’s why I choose to keep it in a notebook but I realized that through writing you can give inspiration to those people who are fighting battles with themselves.

Through my writings I want them to feel free on expressing themselves without any fear.

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