Found Wanting

I saw you alone
I was thrilled to go near you
a lady kissed you
I moved but couldn’t feel my limbs
what did I do wrong, in flames!


Selfless Love

You committed sins
Sins that is unforgivable
Unforgivable but deserves a second chance
Chance to redeem yourself.

Your choices in life define you
You may be having second thoughts
Thoughts to think about things
Things on what to do.

If love is selfish or selfless
Selfless love is still I prefer
Prefer to be alone
Alone but happy.

Alleyway Garbage

Words are words we repeat to everyone, everyday;
The same letters over and over again,
But what you tell me behind closed doors;
What you whisper in my ear,
Was supposed to remain in my head,
And be repeated to me,
Over and over again.

Today I saw you by an alleyway,
With another girl tucked under your arm;
Keeping her safely warm,
And I heard you repeat,
All the words you said to me,
Over and over again.

Part of me never believed;
Okay maybe I never even did,
I knew lies came out of your mouth,
The minute you open and say,
The same things,
Over and over again.

I knew and yet I let you say it all anyway;
I went on pretending everything was okay,
Hoping you’d choose me today,
And even the next day;
I wanted to believe,
You’d fall in love with me,
Over and over again.

I wanted to show you,
That someone could love you,
The way they’re supposed to;
I wanted you to believe,
That I could stay loyal to you,
Even when you turn your back away,
Over and over again.

I wanted you to see that I’m still here,
Even when you leave me;
I’ll wait patiently for your return,
For you to look at me,
But I’ll say this only once,
And I need not repeat myself
Over and over again,
I’ll run out of patience;
I’ll run out of love,
And I’ll have no more time to waste,
On a dump like you are.