A sweet melody
Drizzles outside the window
Giving us new hope


The Next Chapter


I remembered the first Day I entered this school to have my OJT that was January 3, 2017.I encountered different kinds of students, I was with my fear back then on how will I deal with this kids and what strategies will I use to teach them.

During my stay in this school I must admit I faced a lot of challenges wondering if I can get through it but in the middle of those doubts and question, I have my inspirations to continue no matter how stressful it is because maybe I need to continue to get my diploma or maybe its also a way of learning new things as I share knowledge. I also found new friends and company in this school, my students? They were like my siblings they cheer me up with I start to worry about the lessons I’m glad I’ve met these people. Teaching is stressful and hard you should be dedicated to being able to pursue this job. As they say, it is the noblest profession of all and its true without Teachers there will be no doctors, lawyer, engineers, and others. I realized during my practice teaching that It’s never easy to be in this position especially in those time when you are speaking in front and yet nobody wants to lend an ear to you.. Most of all the discipline its hard to manage the behaviors these students have considering that they are modern people they usually want to do things without limits.

April 3, 2018, I came back to attend their graduation & moving up the program. I saw each of them step on the stage receiving their diplomas. I’m so proud of what they’ve achieved they are finally one step closer to their dreams. These students played an important role in my studies They pushed me to my limits let me get out of my comfort zone they showed me what life is. My short stay with them is worth remembering and they will be close to my heart always. Now it’s the time for them to spread their wings and fly high as the face the new chapter of their journey.

“In teaching others we teach ourselves.” I learned a lot thank you for the experience.

How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself


By Dr. Perry, PhD

“I am the greatest obstacle to my greatest dreams.” ~Craig D. Lounsbrough

The subconscious mind is like an overgrown hedge maze. We enter it thinking we can quickly get through to the other side only to realize we are lost somewhere in the middle. How often do you set out to accomplish a task only to start ruminating about something that went wrong in your life? Lost in thought we forget that we set a goal to traverse the maze and get through to the other side.

Replaying a past failure is only one of the many ways we can sabotage ourselves from accomplishing our goals and pursuing our dreams. Procrastination perhaps is the number one killer of dreams. We divert the energy we need to accomplish a needed goal towards watching more television or spending more time on social media. Some even go as far as…

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Be Strong, Be Proud, Be You!


I told myself, I won’t shed tears any longer
I told myself, I’ll remain firm and mighty
I told myself, I’ll trust no one but, myself
I told myself, I’ll cherish those people who nourish me
I told myself, I’ll continue doing what I believe in
I told myself: halt and watch!

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I feel you inside my womb
Happiness all through out
What a blessing!

Even my womb will boom
There is no doubt
I feel you inside my womb.

As a first timer mom
Neighbors heard my shout
What a blessing!

Though I'm excited, I will remain calm
And do some workout
I feel you inside my womb.

Everybody is excited including Uncle Tom
who waits day in day out
What a blessing!

This is it, we all like an atomic bomb
About to breakout
I feel you inside my womb
What a blessing!


photo credit goes to R. Omo

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When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

girl-working“Working hard is very important. You’re not going to get anywhere without working extremely hard.” – George Lucas

It was the year 2000 when I accompanied my friend to apply for a job overseas. It was not my intention to look for a job because at that moment I was enrolled in my BS-IT degree and at the same time working in a courier/forwarder company. While in the agency, one of the employees accidentally gave me an exam questionnaire before proceeding to the next level. For fun, I took the written test. After two hours the examiner announced those people who made it to top 5. To my surprise, I made it to top 3 and sadly my friend failed the test.

It all happened in just three weeks. I have to quit school and my job. It never came to my mind going to a country with no one beside me. A lot of questions in my mind that I am not pretty sure what would be the outcome of my unplanned decision especially it was my first time to travel alone.

When I reached my destination, I was too nervous.  Before I left the country, I was advised that a representative from the company I will be working on will fetch me, but unfortunately no signs of fetching. Two hours had passed,  I was so worried until I have decided to buy a phone card and call my international broker agency. I had known that he had difficulty in finding me because I didn’t wear my uniform jacket that was given to me when I was still in my country.

My job is tough and tiring. I did work for two years in a night shift and during weekdays, I worked  16 hours  like a machine. Well, I love doing that, never in my two years with them complained about my overtime. Every time there’s a 16 hour worked; I was their favorite. When payday comes, money is overflowing.

On my nearly two years, I was given another 2-year contract, so I’ve decided to take a two-week vacation. When I came back from my short vacation, I suddenly felt something strange. I don’t have the urge to work anymore; I do not like my environment.  Breaking my contract is the only option in my mind,  so I talked to my supervisor without thinking what’s the consequences.   He told me that my contract was already renewed.  “You have to pay the equivalent of your monthly salary for breaking it!”  I immediately answered him, “I don’t mind.” I paid the asked amount and decided to go home.

When I was at the airport, my broker handed me a white envelope. “You open it after you checked-in, and call the manager immediately after seeing what’s inside.” I did do what I was instructed to do. When I opened the envelope, it was the money I paid for breaking my contract. I instantly called the manager, and he said, “we are all sad for your early resignation. Thank you for giving us the highest output ever! Don’t mention it to your colleagues that the company decided to give back your money; it is a law”. I was shocked by his words; I didn’t even realize that I was an asset to the company. “I have no regrets. I don’t believe in looking back. What am I proudest of? Working really hard… and achieving as much as I could.” – Elena Kagan –


Six long years of trading
You are giving me stress
And at the same time addiction
In the end, bucks to spend.

Six long years of trading
I have learned a lot
The buy and sell
Or the long and short.

Six long years of trading
Sometimes I win
Sometimes I lose
But, no reason to give up.

Six long years of trading
I will stay by your side
Until I can no longer
handle see your candlesticks.

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