Found Wanting

I saw you alone
I was thrilled to go near you
a lady kissed you
I moved but couldn’t feel my limbs
what did I do wrong, in flames!


New Phase

What’s mine is mine
What’s yours is mine
Maybe you’re wondering
But that’s the way it is.

What’s yours is mine
It’s entirely different now
But that’s the way it is
Just follow the rule.

It’s entirely different now
But it’s more challenging
Just follow the rule
To make it work.

Sequel 1: ย  ย ย Most Awaited

Sequel 2: ย  ย ย Wedding Day

fear of being at home



All week I long for the weekend. I long for the focus, the uninterrupted hours, the break from worldly demands that being at home offers. I long for the chance to do those things that I love to do rather than have to do. But then the weekend comes around and those two precious days slip clean though my fingers. One minute they are there before me, shining with possibility. And the next they are gone, a closed gate behind.

Nearly all of us have domestic longings, though we may call them by other names. We may love to bake or print or simply for a few golden minutes to coax a vine up a lattice. We may love doing these things for their own sake. But not just for their own sake. Activities like these โ€“ as tactile as kneading bread or as incidental as putting a flower inโ€ฆ

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