Now Awake

shielded by darkness
no one came to my support
then you punch the clock


Blue Evil


โ€œEvery man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.โ€

โ€•ย Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I was browsing my news feed yesterday, This has been my habit lately starting my day by opening my social media accounts and looking up at what’s new.

I started scrolling my feed since I’m so excited to see my Friend’s status maybe they posted some pictures of them traveling or having a good time with someone else. As I was scrolling, I saw this post shared by a schoolmate. The post contains sadness I could say by his words that he is depressed. Depression is more than just having a low mood, This could affect your physical and mental health that can lead to suicide. This is not a joke I’ve been hearing a lot of cases of people who were defeated by demons inside them. Some are well-known celebrities this just explains that depression chooses no age or status it comes like a thief. I observed that as the days past by this issue becomes rampant, yet the society doesn’t pay so much attention to it.

People who are a victim of depression are those who are having difficulties on expressing their emotion, thoughts, and feelings verbally because they know that it’s better for them to keep it to avoid hearing judgments and hates. So, as a result, the thoughts stay on their minds killing them slowly. Most of them want to stop living to end the pain permanently. By this, I hope people would be mindful or maybe spare a little time to understand why a person especially teens and adults are feeling depressed.

For those people who are experiencing depression/anxiety, I hope they continue to find the reason to live and strong enough to ask for help. Being depressed is not a sign of weakness it is a sign of being healthy when your mind is telling you to give up. We should help those people who we know undergo this problem. Be a good listener, let them speak what they feel, give them bits of advice or you could cheer them up but never judge them.

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Cheer Up!

Dark clouds start to gather right above my head,
The sky turns to grey and Iโ€™m suddenly filled with a bitter dread,
Drops of rain starts falling, as I look up and wonder their origin;
Starting gently then falling harder with the skyโ€™s bitter chagrin.

All around me, umbrellas bloom
But for me, thereโ€™s only gloom
One minute the sun was shining and the birds were singing,
And now the rain wonโ€™t stop pouring.

Why must my tears be so shallow?
Trees need rain to grow,
And for flowers to get tall,
So why must I be saddened by a little rainfall?

The sky will stop crying,
And the sun will come shining;
There might even be a rainbow after
And tears will be replaced with laughter.


As I wake up each morning
I give thanks to my creator
For another day of my life
To make the best day ever.

I give thanks to my creator
For giving me a challenge
To make the best day ever
To free to grow and learn to soar.

For giving me a challenge
I will always meet it with jubilance
To free to grow and learn to soar
As life is never ending learning process.