Six long years of trading
You are giving me stress
And at the same time addiction
In the end, bucks to spend.

Six long years of trading
I have learned a lot
The buy and sell
Or the long and short.

Six long years of trading
Sometimes I win
Sometimes I lose
But, no reason to give up.

Six long years of trading
I will stay by your side
Until I can no longer
handle see your candlesticks.

Sequel 1:     Too Much to Handle

Ode Poetry 1:     Ode to The Internet


Ode to the Internet

My dearest internet
My bread and butter
If you disappear
I am fretting

When typhoon strikes
You are nowhere to be found
When power shutdowns
I fiercely frowned

You are the source
Of my resource
My happiness
My brightness..

Ode Poetry 2:     Homebased