He is everywhere,
In the tall trees around us,
In the dirt beneath,
In every vein of a leaf,
He is making us happy.


This is Anger

The world is untouchable,
That’s why he ruined the galaxy.
He threw all his hate,
And the stars became the debris.

In space, he could shout
As loud as he wants,
And no one could hear him,
Not even the world he loves.

Satellites became his friends,
Whom he spoke to often.
There was always a conversation,
Without a reply from them.

It sure was lonely,
Up there in space.
Yet there he was happy,
To spend all his days.


Flowers stop blooming,
Once it has bloomed,
The rain stops pouring,
After it has poured.

You grew a garden in my heart,
You made it rain love,
You saved me from harm,
Until the thunder finally struck.

Lightning made me numb,
Raindrops made me frigid,
I can’t hear my heart’s thrum,
And the garden is now flooded.

You were my saving grace,
Then I lost my faith,
Hope buried me to my grave,
When love was too faint.

Leave me in this chaos,
Where the ground is barren,
Overgrown with vines and moss,
Where your love is poison.


A flower will be picked from its roots,
One of these days—
For where there is beauty,
It never stays.

Envy wilts the flower in bloom,
While leaves fall to the ground;
No one can be trusted,
And loyalty is never found.

Flowers are in demand,
To be put in vases;
They’re purposes is their scent,
And the beauty of their faces.

Flowers don’t grown into trees—
They’re cut even before they can grow,
And once they’ve served their purpose,
They are then thrown out the window.

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Blank Page

Everyday is unwritten,
This I’ve forgotten,
I’ve assumed and predicted,
And so tomorrow came, but was never greeted.
I gave myself a scare,
That tomorrow would be just as unfair,
But I’ve forgotten the most important detail;
This was not a fairytale,
But a life yet to unfold—
Possibilities there, if only I was bold;
If only I hold onto hope,
I might make it at the end of the rope,
And see sights far beyond the walls,
Never mind all their loud calls!
I will make it far away,
From here where you can’t tell if it’s night or day.

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