Blank Page

Everyday is unwritten,
This I’ve forgotten,
I’ve assumed and predicted,
And so tomorrow came, but was never greeted.
I gave myself a scare,
That tomorrow would be just as unfair,
But I’ve forgotten the most important detail;
This was not a fairytale,
But a life yet to unfold—
Possibilities there, if only I was bold;
If only I hold onto hope,
I might make it at the end of the rope,
And see sights far beyond the walls,
Never mind all their loud calls!
I will make it far away,
From here where you can’t tell if it’s night or day.

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Circumstances are just the setting,
Emotions just the lighting,
Faces just props,
Just until the curtains drop.

After the show,
Walls fall like domino,
One after another,
Acts falter.

Behind all the glamour,
Are mazes of sewer,
The stench of rotting fish,
Is for them, the taste of wine they relish.

Gowns and suits,
They’re all still a bunch of brutes,
Don’t be fooled by how they look,
They hide their filth in every nook.

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Accidental Masterpiece

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It was like drops of rain blurring a window,
The streetlights blending with the sky,
The colors in mishap,
And unidentifiable lines.

I lose myself in a painting,
That doesn’t make sense,
No matter how long I look at it,
With earnest.

I can only stare,
And admire the strange painting,
That looks quite accidental,
In its making.

Who is the artist,
With the crazy mind,
Who painted this painting,
Without any lines?

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Tooth Fairy

If every drop of rain,
Could make everyone smile,
I’d wish it would rain everyday,
Then I wouldn’t need to try.

If it was only that easy,
To make someone happy,
If only smiles were like candy,
I’d be everyone’s fairy.

If only I was enough,
All I’ll have to do is smile,
And I’d magically have everyone’s love,
–I’d soar the sky.

But rain only makes people hide,
And candy gives people cavity,
It’s hard to make someone smile,
And make everyone happy.