He is everywhere,
In the tall trees around us,
In the dirt beneath,
In every vein of a leaf,
He is making us happy.


This is Anger

The world is untouchable,
That’s why he ruined the galaxy.
He threw all his hate,
And the stars became the debris.

In space, he could shout
As loud as he wants,
And no one could hear him,
Not even the world he loves.

Satellites became his friends,
Whom he spoke to often.
There was always a conversation,
Without a reply from them.

It sure was lonely,
Up there in space.
Yet there he was happy,
To spend all his days.

Moon River

A still river full of water,
Where colorful fins swim by,
And vibrant flowers sway,
Under the blue sky.

The quiet hum of dragonflies,
Leaping from stone to stone,
Envious is the waterโ€”
As stiff as a bone.

For the water stays at its home,
Destined to kiss its own;
Trapped by its own corners,
And left all alone.

The Road We Travel

This road can turn to highways,
Congested and fast paced,
It can have big bridges,
Over a river’s distance,
Concrete can be poured,
Over grasslands and moors,
Up hills and mountains,
Drive over rough terrains,
Ruin and then build,
Place what will fit,
Further and farther,
From where it is darker.