One Step, For hope: Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty

“Everyday we walk for a purpose. To reach our dreams, to travel, To discover new things.”

May 6, 2018, I took one step for a different purpose hand and hand with unity and faith my footprints left to hope for the people of Africa

Every step is for a better tomorrow.
A walk to help someone stand.
A small sacrifice for something big.
The sweat that can bring a smile to those who suffers.
We walked and continued until the very end for we can see the light in the dark.

This event creates the opportunity to help those people who are experiencing poverty. Our walk is our way of telling them that we will fight the battle with them. We are just one of the instrument to make this happened, and I’m glad that I’m a part of it.

Every step means something may it be for ourselves or for someone what’s essential is that we take one step to achieve a goal.

This walk tells a story that will never be forgotten through the years.



He wore tattered clothes,
And shoes with holes,
His hair matted and sweatyโ€”
He smelled rotten and dirty.
He’d extend his hand every now and then,
Begging passerbys for spare cents,
With the hopes of dinner after many days,
Without even a sip of water that didn’t smell like decay.
Life was truly hard,
Especially for a beggar,
Who spent his days and nights on the streets,
With nothing to eat.
Few people would stop out of pity,
And gave him little of what they had plenty,
Most avert their eyes, making him invisibleโ€”
For they too were plenty miserable,
Yet I shamelessly stare,
At this man who’s stripped bare,
Of all necessities and luxuries,
Without any option but to live on the streets.
I don’t feel any pity,
Only understanding sincerely,
For one can have everything,
And still have nothing.

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