Award: First So Far


The Liebster Award 2016 is an award that exists only on the internet and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. The earliest case of the award goes as far back as 2011.Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

Jotting Thoughts Site has been nominated by Stewie Overseas, thank you.


  1. Answer the 11 questions given by the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Nominate other 5-11 blogs or site and description.
  3.   Write 11 new questions for your nominees to answer.

Q & A:

  1. What do you love about the city/town you are living in right now?

Originally, I was not born and raise here but, the good thing about this place is the climate.  Of all the provinces and cities of the Philippines, Baguio City is the only city with 6-20 degrees celsius all year round.

2.  How many countries have you been to?

Taiwan – 2 years
Israel – 5 years
Hong Kong – 4 days
Vietnam – a day
Cambodia- 3 days
Philippines – proud Filipino

3.  What is your favorite place you have traveled to and why?

Israel and its people.  Israeli’s are the noisiest people in the world but, they are family oriented, brutally honest, and I love their sincerity especially when you chat with them, I can feel their presence.

4.  What is your favorite memory from traveling?

My favorite memory from traveling is spending my birthday in a strange place alone.  For me, it is a perfect day where you can always remember your special day with an additional set of friends while on the trip.

5.  What is the best thing you have eaten while traveling?

I am not adventurous enough when it comes to food, all the food I have tried so far are normal foods.  I am not ready to try exotic foods yet, I don’t think I can manage it.

6.  What lessons have you learned while traveling?

After solo and group traveling, I develop my confidence.  At the end of the day, I tell myself how smart I am to do things on my own.

7.  What was the scariest thing that has happened to you while traveling?

I can’t swim, so every time I’m on a boat I consider that as the scariest thing for me.  I love traveling alone.  I may look brave on the outside but, there are so many “what ifs” inside me.

8.  If you go somewhere anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

If I would be given the chance to travel around Europe, I am dying to see Amsterdam or some other places that are dog and bicycle friendly.

9.  What was your motivation for starting a blog?

Thoughts are just like RAM (Ramdom Access Memory),  it won’t stay there permanently.   Writing is my stress reliever and at the same time, I want to record everything I see and feel while I still can.

10.  What do you see your blog a year from now?

If I publish articles regularly, I might get more followers but, too short to make it popular.

11.  What do you want your readers to take away from your blog?

Simple, get inspired, get motivated, go out and discover the world.  That are the only things I wanted to share from my blog since photos and articles were originally taken and written by ourselves.

My nominees are:

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  2. 18megapizel
  3. Girl in the Big Smoke
  4. Amyy Abroad
  5. Around the World

My Questions:

  1.  How many countries have you visited so far?
  2. What is your favorite thing about traveling?
  3. What do you prefer group or solo travel?
  4. Do you plan ahead or a free spirit?
  5. Among the countries, you have visited what country you liked the most?
  6. What is your most unforgettable travel experience?
  7. What are the things you can’t live while traveling?
  8. What is your longest trip so far?
  9. How often do you travel?
  10. Do you need to be rich to travel the world?
  11. Is the Philippines included in your list? Why and why not?












Face to Face with “The Brat”

spoiled-bratIt is sometimes easier to head an institute for the study of child guidance than it is to turn one brat into a decent human being.” – Joseph Wood Krutch

I have to admit; I am not fond of kids. I prefer taking good care of dogs because they are adorable and loyal. In my entire life, it’s the first time I have encountered a discreet brat. Discreet in a way that, he chooses when and where to show his color. An idiom, “what you see is what you get,” does not apply. What you see on the screen, it varies when it produces its hard copy. Here are the results of my printed copies:

1. Rude
In the Philippines, the majority of the children are being taught to respect elders no matter what. There’s no excuse for rudeness especially when your rule is just to be the guardian and to report everything that you see and observed. I would rather be the villain if that’s the only way but, what if the behavior is too much to handle?

2. Manipulative
A kid is manipulative when he lies, change a story into fiction just to get what he wants and to escape from things he does not want to happen. Makes his face pitiful and ruins others back. In short, he will play the victim.

3. Bully
A bully kid does not say sorry. He is aggressive and impulsive in what he does. He loves doing wrong things and just laughs after doing it. He can’t entirely apply his being aggressive to me but, he does it  for his age group. He wants to be the center of attraction and if not, he tantrums. He has this suppressed personality that he can’t show in front of his parents.

4.  Complains of being bored
Goes home late and make his alibis when in fact there’s a lot to do like cleaning a messy room.

5. He never helps out
Carry all you can, who cares! I am the boss!

What if you encountered a brat today and found out that the parents are a brat as well, what would you do?

Sequel 1:  Split Personality

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A Way Out: The Self-Destructive Teen

From The Scarlet Letter, a romantic work of fiction published in the year 1850, Hester Prynne lived miserably in a world full of hypocritical puritans. She was unhappy and lonely. Married to a man she did not love; committed adultery; and was condemned by society. As to why she did the things she did, is beyond us. But analyzing her would lead us to the conclusion that she was looking for an escape, a distraction from reality.

Society starts a small tear in a piece of cloth; and we either let it be the inconspicuous tear it is, or let it manifest until it can no longer go unnoticed. Like Hester, we look for a distraction, a way to cope with the harsh realities of life. And most often, we find this in bottles of whiskey, sachets of drugs, and one night stands.

Teenagers undergo a lot of pressure from society. From school shootings, to societal pressure to “fit in,” to cyberbullying, the onslaught is constant. Society pushes them down, pointing out all their possible flaws no matter how little, leading to self-pity and self-loathing, which then makes way for anger.

Self-destructive teenagers are a lot like suicide bombers, a ticking time bomb. Ready to explode and ready to take their casualties with them. And who are the so-called terrorists who planted these suicide bombers? Are we going to blame their parents, their friends, or is it only right to blame the person themselves? Because after all, at the end of the day, we decided to let anger consume us, to let society step on us, and wallow in self-pity.

Yes, anger is a natural reaction. We all get angry. But, it is always up to us how to use this anger. Be it for vengeance, determination, or simply just another addition to our weights. No matter how far we run away, reality catches up with us within a matter of seconds.

According to the American Psychological Association, some degree of impulsivity is developmentally normal for teenagers. During this stage of development, teens lack the same executive functioning skill and impulse control as adults. Teenagers have made enemies in themselves. They are reckless and impulsive, engaging in self-destructive behavior and acts against their better interests and their better judgments.

But the line between impulsive, self-destructive behavior and typical adolescent rebellion is when teenagers start doing it on a daily basis. It’s when they’re aware of the consequences of their actions but do it anyway. This sort of behavior roots from not only one known cause but, multiple reasons adding up with each other. Like depression, anxiety, strained relationships with parents and a lot more.

It is a choice for teenagers to drown themselves in anger and self-pity, instead of standing up and moving forward, no matter how hard. Although society plays a part, and it is only normal for teenagers to act impulsive and experience new things in order to learn and gain more wisdom, society will never change. From the year 1850 and the years before it, until now, society is still filled with hypocrites ready to judge, to criticize and push you down.

Although people are dependent on each other, people are also our greatest downfalls. Our narrow minds, our emotions getting the better of us, our endless pursuit of perfection, are what make this society our society. It will never change, but we can always change as individuals.

One little change, changes everything. Be gentle and kind, for everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. We’re all trying to find ways of escaping this labyrinth. But the only way out of the labyrinth of suffering, is to forgive. Forgiveness will push you no other way, but forward. But a wise man forgives but never forgets.

When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

girl-working“Working hard is very important. You’re not going to get anywhere without working extremely hard.” – George Lucas

It was the year 2000 when I accompanied my friend to apply for a job overseas. It was not my intention to look for a job because at that moment I was enrolled in my BS-IT degree and at the same time working in a courier/forwarder company. While in the agency, one of the employees accidentally gave me an exam questionnaire before proceeding to the next level. For fun, I took the written test. After two hours the examiner announced those people who made it to top 5. To my surprise, I made it to top 3 and sadly my friend failed the test.

It all happened in just three weeks. I have to quit school and my job. It never came to my mind going to a country with no one beside me. A lot of questions in my mind that I am not pretty sure what would be the outcome of my unplanned decision especially it was my first time to travel alone.

When I reached my destination, I was too nervous.  Before I left the country, I was advised that a representative from the company I will be working on will fetch me, but unfortunately no signs of fetching. Two hours had passed,  I was so worried until I have decided to buy a phone card and call my international broker agency. I had known that he had difficulty in finding me because I didn’t wear my uniform jacket that was given to me when I was still in my country.

My job is tough and tiring. I did work for two years in a night shift and during weekdays, I worked  16 hours  like a machine. Well, I love doing that, never in my two years with them complained about my overtime. Every time there’s a 16 hour worked; I was their favorite. When payday comes, money is overflowing.

On my nearly two years, I was given another 2-year contract, so I’ve decided to take a two-week vacation. When I came back from my short vacation, I suddenly felt something strange. I don’t have the urge to work anymore; I do not like my environment.  Breaking my contract is the only option in my mind,  so I talked to my supervisor without thinking what’s the consequences.   He told me that my contract was already renewed.  “You have to pay the equivalent of your monthly salary for breaking it!”  I immediately answered him, “I don’t mind.” I paid the asked amount and decided to go home.

When I was at the airport, my broker handed me a white envelope. “You open it after you checked-in, and call the manager immediately after seeing what’s inside.” I did do what I was instructed to do. When I opened the envelope, it was the money I paid for breaking my contract. I instantly called the manager, and he said, “we are all sad for your early resignation. Thank you for giving us the highest output ever! Don’t mention it to your colleagues that the company decided to give back your money; it is a law”. I was shocked by his words; I didn’t even realize that I was an asset to the company. “I have no regrets. I don’t believe in looking back. What am I proudest of? Working really hard… and achieving as much as I could.” – Elena Kagan –

Too Much to Handle

SwingGetting stress out of your life takes more than prayer alone. You must take action to make changes and stop doing whatever is causing the stress. You can learn to calm down in the way you handle things.” – Joyce Meyer

Life is like a seesaw ride, sometimes you hit the bottom, and it seems that life is too much to handle. When you reach that bottom button, you feel alone and lost. You think and talk to yourself how you will manage to escape from that hot, boiling situation.

Giving up is always my preference, but never my preferred. There is this other half of you that “life is too much to handle, I can’t take it anymore”, but there is this other half of you that “what will be the life of the people I cared about if I’ll give up a life that is full of torment?” There are so many things to consider, if you are selfish enough, you will just think of yourself alone without thinking the people who love you and not even realizing it up to this point.

Forex stands for foreign exchange market. Some of us travel a lot when you see a booth where you can exchange your local currency to foreign currency it means you’ve participated in the forex market. There are different ways how to take part in the market, either trading online or over the counter.

In my nearly six years of trading forex online, I would say; I am still learning up to now. I remember clearly those time; I mean times that my hard-earned money while working overseas vanished that instant. Forex is a risky business, but once you mastered the flow, life is beautiful to live.

In life, life is always a losing battle. But, it’s not necessarily mean that we will remain idle and just watch every rain that will come our way. As Winston S. Churchhill stated that, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Sequel 2:     Homebased

Photo credit goes to Bhel Samonte