Dim Lights




Once it surfaces on my tongue,
There’s no way to swallow it down,
A hard and bitter candy,
Given by someone familiar to me.

A distraction, a prize
For a contented sigh,
Suck and don’t speak,
A child obedient and meek.

In the dead of night,
No, don’t put up a fight
Close your eyes,
And call it all lies.

Leave nothing behind,
Not a trace they can find,
Come back tomorrow,
For another game of take, not borrow.

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A Stroke of Luck

When I least expect,
Treasures are found,
A shiny object,
Lying on the ground.

What I donโ€™t look for,
Stumbles and finds its way,
Right on my door,
Without any delay.

How luck pours like rain,
On such a sunny day,
I donโ€™t dare complain,
How easy it can whittle away.

Rain stops raining,
After flowers had a drink,
And then begins the waiting,
No one dares to blink.

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