Dim Lights




Step after another,
Run a little faster,
Don’t look back,
The road ahead will crack.

Forget your name,
Nothing is the same,
Hold on to pain,
And be strong again.

Step after another,
No, don’t falter
Don’t look back,
At the things you now lack.

Forget their names,
Their silly little games,
Pain has no end,
You just learn to bend.

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Once it surfaces on my tongue,
There’s no way to swallow it down,
A hard and bitter candy,
Given by someone familiar to me.

A distraction, a prize
For a contented sigh,
Suck and don’t speak,
A child obedient and meek.

In the dead of night,
No, don’t put up a fight
Close your eyes,
And call it all lies.

Leave nothing behind,
Not a trace they can find,
Come back tomorrow,
For another game of take, not borrow.

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A Stroke of Luck

When I least expect,
Treasures are found,
A shiny object,
Lying on the ground.

What I donโ€™t look for,
Stumbles and finds its way,
Right on my door,
Without any delay.

How luck pours like rain,
On such a sunny day,
I donโ€™t dare complain,
How easy it can whittle away.

Rain stops raining,
After flowers had a drink,
And then begins the waiting,
No one dares to blink.

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