Echoes of Misery

I repeat myself over and over
An endless string of blunder—
Knotted and tied with my affliction
Ending nowhere but in damnation
Echoes bouncing on walls and pillars
While Iā€™m locked under cellars—
My words falling with a clatter
Echoes of bone-chilling isolation
Over and over
My voice travels in crevices of the river
Slowly drowning in water
I can see my reflection
A figure of distortion—
Falling deeper and deeper
Over and over.

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Most Awaited

Five years ago, I met you
and now, I am about to utter “I do”
Before I walk down the aisle
Let us sit for a while
Enjoy our moment to
live in the past too
This day is one of the few
and will always be worthwhile
A woman’s every dream to
tie the knot with someone like you
Even if I walk a mile
I will still smile
because it will happen, I knew

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