Siem Reap: Ta Prohm

Ta Prohm is formerly known as Monastery of the King, a Buddhist temple.  It is a combination of jungle, nature and man-made art.

After Angkor Thom Complex, Ta Prohm is the most famous of all temples.  I hadn’t watched the movie Tomb Raider yet and just recently found out when I was in this location that the cast and crew did indeed shoot the film in this temple.  The entrance alone is magical, it’s like a jungle hopeful for Tarzan to rope swing on his forceful strength.


The photo is the famous “Tomb Raider” tree.  Everyone is keen to pose and take a closer look at the tree.  Since the weather is sunny and I was with elders, we didn’t lineup for close-up photos.



When we visited this place, the restoration is in the process.  They said, restoring the area is a challenging one because of the huge trees growing over the structures.

Even with big crowds, a sunny day, and how the buildings and nature have become one is fascinating.


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The charm of those gigantic trees and how the roots covered the architecture is mythical. I don’t really mind walking under the sun with a massive crowd if the reward is pleasant to look at.

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2017 Travel Bucket List:12 Locations to Visit

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2. Coron, Palawan

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3. El Nido, Palawan

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4. Penablanca, Tuguegarao

callao cave.jpg

5. Saigon, Vietnam


6. Siem Reap, Cambodia

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7. Chiang Mai, Thailand


8. Bali, Indonesia


9. Maligcong Terraces (Mt. Fato and Mt. Kupapey) (articles soon)

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10. Laos


11. Vigan, Ilocos Sur


12. Boracay, Aklan


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